The Chuggybumba network

Hello and welcome to Chuggybumba! This is a small network of services run voluntarily by an individual. Below, you can find which services are available, and to the left, you can find other parts of the network, such as blogs.

As of right now, membership is invite only.


We host a small Mastodon instance here on the network. Mastodon is a decentralized social network that focuses on being a safe and free (as in libre) alternative to popular microblogging services.

Check out and this video if you want to learn more.


Pixelfed is a photo blogging service that is part of the Fediverse. Similar to Mastodon, it focuses on being secure and open for everyone. The idea is to provide a decentralized alternative to Instagram, and while it’s very useful at the moment, it’s still a work in progress with some bugs that still need to be addressed.

Read more about Pixelfed here.

You can read more about Pixelfed here.


Imagine a video service where you own your videos and everyone can watch them across the Fediverse, with a robust protocol behind the streams to back it all up – that’s PeerTube!

A peer-to-peer video streaming platform that is easily hosted by individuals, but still connected to each other. Each instance can have its own focus or specialization, such as tutorials, video gaming or personal vlogs.

Check out PeerTube now!